Call (413) 584-8844

Call (413) 584-8844

Get a Customized Solar Quote—No Home Visit Required

Since 2015, Valley Solar is the area’s highest-rated and fastest-growing solar energy company earning the most 5-star reviews and consumer awards, hands down.  

Why? Because Valley Solar Gives You More!

  • Personalized Service: Valley Solar customers work directly with the company owners who serve as project leads. So you get real answers and your project stays on time and on budget.
  • Accountable: We don’t outsource. Your installation, electrical work and warranty stays in-house with our expert team.
  • Dependable: Standard 15-year installation and roof penetration warranty, tops in the area.
  • Affordable: Valley Solar is a well-run, local company with highly competitive rates.
  • Easy to Work With: Get started with a no-hassle Easy Quote.

Is Solar Even Right For My Home?

Find out with a free quote from Valley Solar.

Your quote will include:
  • Solar Score: An unbiased numerical score of your solar potential
  • ​Estimated energy production and savings
  • ​Costs and incentives broken down
  • ​Financing options side-by-side
Advanced computer modeling provides an exceptionally accurate quote in hours and without the home visit.    

Keeping your home safe and habitable is more important than ever. With solar + storage from Valley Solar, your family can enjoy fresh food, sanitation, heating, cooling and connectivity even during a prolonged outage.

Valley Solar is a proud dealer of PWRcell by Generac, the leader in backup home power as well as sonnenBatterie systems AC coupled batteries.


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